1 Timothy 1:18-20


1. The difficult and often discouraging ministry of a ‘turn around’ pastor requires encouragement from solid believers (1 Timothy 1:18,19).

2. Proofing profits have had a predictive prophecy come true (Samuel: 1 Samuel 3:19,30 & 9:6; the other O.T. Prophets, Agabus (Acts 11:28), the apostle John (Revelation 2:10), Paul (Acts 20:29,30).

3. Processes can be predictive (1 Samuel 3:18,19; Acts 20:29,30) reveal hidden sinful activities (2 Samuel 12), offer unique teachings to specific church contexts (Revelation 2,3), and give general exhortation to churches (1 Corthinians 14).

4. Blaspheming the gospel message can occur among those who once were part of the genuine faith (1 Timothy 1:20, 6:1)

5. Releasing someone from the fellowship of the church to the realm of the secular world (i.e. handing over to Satan) for either locking themselves into sinful practices or abandoning the true gospel message, is to be redemptive a purpose (1 Timothy 1:20, 1 Corinthians 5:5).