1 Timothy 5:11,12


1. Although it is not a damnable offense Christian’s are marry another Christian’s so as to avoid being taken away from the faith (1 Cor 7:8,9,39, 1 Tim 5:11,12, Deut 7:1-6)

2. Although remaining single as a widow is a preferred choice, getting remarried to a godly man and raising godly offspring would be better if she were surrounded by lazy widows who were caught up with being busybodies, gossips, and sexually indiscriminate. (1 Cor 7:39,40, 1 Tim 5:11-14)

3. Apart from being generally devoted to every good deed the resume of a godly wife includes being faithful to her husband, raising her children, hospitable, humbly serving other Christians, and helping those in distress.