Convenient Blind Spots

1. Blind spots (Verse 2,9)
Lowe key lying (Exo 23:1, Lev 19:16)
Talking about other people in an inappropriate way (2 Cor 12:20, Eph 4:29, Exo 23:1)

2. Sometimes bad things happen things to Godly people because of their own disobedience
A) Here in the text, God is Actively punishing (rare) for their selfish disobedience.
– No food, water or, harvest. This is because they did not build the temple, which was critical for their connection with God (verse 9-11)
B) Passive punishments
– Eating the fruit of our choices (Proverbs 1:30,31)

3. Godly people need to be active with their time energy and resources for the advancement of the Kingdom (verse 9, 1 Tim 6:18)

4. Godly people don’t take their moral cues from the government but from God (verse2,4 Daniel 3)