Gods Financial Plan Pt. 2

Deuteronomy 15

Borrowing and lending sermon
1. Lending should not have happened within God’s family, but when it did, it was to be given without interest and entirely forgiven every seven years (Deut. 15:1-4).
2. Within God’s lending/borrowing plan, there was a built-in system to teach the borrower how to work and handle their finances (Deut 15:12-18) (e.g. a slave/hired worker of someone who knew how to work and handle their resources for 6 years).
3. Avoidance in becoming the lender’s slave (net worth is negative), is a solid standard when one is considering borrowing (Proverbs 22:26,27).
4. One’s projected finances should be of full home ownership by the time they retire (prov. 19:14, 21:20).
5. Grace and mercy were built into God’s system of borrowing and lending (Deut 15:1).
6. Lending in the N.T. is to be done without the expectation that it will come back (Luke 6:35).