Ladies Retreat

Good Morning Pineridge Ladies,

I am excited to send you the registration form for the October 14th Ladies Retreat. Once again we are going to be meeting for the day at Megan Renyard’s parent’s property out west of Okotoks. It is a beautiful location with a view of the mountains.

We will be following a similar schedule as last year with an arrival time at 9am for coffee and visiting followed by brunch at 10am. There will be a dinner around 5pm and we will finish the day with worship singing and prayer around 7pm. (and so done about 8pm for those needing to plan babysitting and such).

We will have a testimony, some teaching and worship so please bring your Bible and notebook.

There will be a “getting to know you activity” and in the registration form I have asked for 3 unique/interesting facts about you or the things you have done. We are hoping this can spark further conversation as we continue to get to know each other better. I know, as women, it is sometimes hard to think of things like this (as I write this I am wondering what I am going to answer haha) but don’t be shy! brag about something you have done!

Once again there will be some free time in the afternoon (and hopefully no snowstorm this time!). Examples of some of the activity options will be:
– Sit, chat, drink coffee, knit/crochet
– Play games
– Go for a walk on the property
– Millerville market (free entrance) – this is not the Christmas market, just their regular Saturday Market
– Go into Diamond Valley and walk around
– Visit the Okotoks Erratic (really big rock)

Come prepare for whichever activity you think you would like to participate in.

The cost for the day is $75/person. You can send an etransfer to (no password will be required).

Click here to register:

The registration deadline is October 1 so please register as soon as you are able so we can let Dawn (our host and creator of all the food) know how many people to expect.